“We provide specialized service in Extracting Competitor Backend Search Terms and Creating Optimized Listing Content on Amazon platform”

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Welcome to AMZfoster… Generating revenue in ever-changing digital world is tremendous challenging task for any on-line business seller. Amazon being a giant on-line merchant; there is tremendous competition among Amazon sellers. The seller who has adopted mastery over arts and science of the online business success parameters is able to sustain in the cut-throat competition. We help Amazon sellers to stand-out among the sellers’ crowd with the help of exclusive specialized ‘Amazon Seller Services’.

Seller Problems

  • Amazon product not ranking higher as expected; leading to poor sales
  • Unable to compete with top sellers despite best and customer oriented product features
  • Unable to cope up with day-to-day market challenges due to varied customer interests, new products launched, new keyword regulations, etc.

AMZfoster Solutions

  • Adopt Product Listing Optimization – Product visibility is improved with searchable keywords
  • Stand-Out Among Competition – Obtain competitors’ accurate Backend Search Terms
  • Watch Competitors Actions – Adopt complete backend Search Terms (BST) ‘Source Know-How’ and follow your top competitors’ foot-prints

Our Solutions To Enhance Your Product Ranking And Up-Lift Sales


Obtain your competitors’ backend ‘Search Terms’ to beat the competition. We can extract the ‘Search Terms’ of any ASIN with 100% accuracy. The results are made available within just 12 hrs.

(Backend Search Terms)

Extract your competitors’ backend ‘Search Terms’ on your own instantly 24*7 with 100% accuracy. We offer complete ‘Source Know-How’ that would enable you to perform the tasks yourself that too for FREE.

(Amazon Product Listing)

 With buyer oriented powerful creative Title, ‘Bullet Points & Product Description’ your listing is capable to compete with top rankers, easily found by buyers, and convincible to get sold.

Why Choose Us?

Whilst the marketplaces such as Amazon.com are excellent way of augmenting product sales, we do believe that the ecommerce entrepreneurs could increase their revenue margins with the best marketing assistance. Here at amzfoster.com, we deliver tailored proven solutions that exactly match the business essentials of Amazon sellers. Our services make great positive impact on the merchandise sales. We have helped thousands of sellers with more than 6000 listings. You too can take benefit of our expertise in product optimization as well as other exclusive services.

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