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  • Product Research

    Use our proven techniques to find profitable Private Label products to launch on Amazon
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  • Market Research

    Have a product idea? Our specialists can validate the idea for you with in-depth Market Research to verify the demand & competition
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  • Keyword Research & Competitor Spy

    Get access to comprehensive Keyword Research reports, Merchantwords, and Spy on your competition’s EXACT backend amazon search terms
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  • Listing Optimization

    Maximize the CTR (click-through rate) & Ranking of your listing with our high quality keyword optimized sales copy by our experienced copy-writing team that are focused on eliciting an emotional response in your target buyer
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  • Listing Analyser Tool

    Check the quality of your listing using our “keyword powered” FREE Amazon listing analyzer tool
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  • Free Listing Audit

    Get a FREE audit of your listing by our team so we can ensure it’s setup for success
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  • Unlimited Mentorship

    Join FosterLabs and get access to our strategic partner Bashar Katou, Amazon FBA Expert with multiple 6 figure products on Amazon, that can help you with strategy, overcoming challenges and execution for as low as $2.17/day.
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  • Unlimited Task Support

    As a FosterLabs member we help you outsource your ad-hoc or repetitive Amazon seller Tasks to our Amazon specialists & project managers for as low as $4.17/day.
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  • Dedicated Listing Advisor

    For those who want to run their Amazon business as passively as possible, you get access to a dedicated listing advisor that will monitor your listing regularly, make recommendations, provide monthly reports and even setup and manage your PPC campaigns for you for as low as $9.17/day.
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Why Choose AMZFoster


We’re on the mission to foster 10,000 Amazon sellers to double their revenue and create a powerful community of Sellers learning & growing together in the next 5 years. We believe that Amazon is here to stay and continue to be the biggest online marketplace, and more importantly we believe in the freedom & lifestyle an online business gives you.

Having helped optimize over 1600 Amazon seller listings, we’ve honed our solutions and have figured what works and more importantly what doesn’t, to be successful on Amazon FBA today.  Join us. as we take the guesswork & secrets out of selling profitably on Amazon and help you rapidly – research, optimize & scale your Amazon FBA business today.

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