BACKEND SEARCH TERMS (BST) – Know-How (Crown Package)


1) Why do I need the Source Know-How (Crown Package)?

To save time and frequent spending for each ASIN. Once you have the ‘source know-how’, you can do FREE extractions of the backend search terms on your own at your own pace instantly 24*7


After knowing how the search terms are extracted, you can even provide search terms extraction service to your own clients at your own rates.

2) Why should I spend $1499 on the Crown Package?

This is your life time investment for not only one service (as extracting Backend Search Terms) but for many more. Our ‘Search Terms extraction service’ costs $99 for 5 ASINs. Upon having the service directly available to you 24*7 you will be able to extract the ‘Search Terms’ instantly on your own that too for FREE. View our Crown Package for more details

3) How is ‘Backend Search Terms Source Know-How’ beneficial to me?

  • Full cost is recovered with Free Backend Search Terms Extractions
  • Source Know-How becomes almost free of charge.
  • Saves your time with 24*7 availability and instant results.
  • You can offer this service (the ‘search terms’ extraction) on your own terms.

4) Can I have the API access so that Amazon sellers could extract the ‘Search Terms’ from our website on their own?

The ‘Amazon Search Terms API Access’ information would also be available to you once you purchase the Elite 300 or Crown Package. The ‘Amazon Search Terms API Access’ will enable you to provide the Backend Search Terms extraction service on your website at your own rates.

5) Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we offer 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee; if you are not able to extract ‘Search Terms’ on your own for any ASIN. We assure you full assistance till you become familiar with the complete process.