1) I have already placed many keywords in ‘Search Terms’, why do I need to know anybody else’s keywords?

Amazon only ranks your product for keywords that you’ve specifically placed into your product listing as well as in the ‘Search Terms’ fields from Amazon seller account.
Customers can only buy your product if they can find it and it is beyond anybody’s imagination what buyers would use the word for searching the product for their requirement. One needs to think out of the box for keywords to be placed in ‘Search Terms’ fields for higher product ranking and sales boost. It is very much possible that the seller is not in a position to think which keywords should be used in the ‘Search Terms’ and which shouldn’t. So why re-invent wheel if somebody has already done it? It is better to just follow your top competitors’ foot-prints.

2) Why should I use your service instead of ‘keyword inspector’ or ‘sonar’ tool?

‘Keyword Inspector’ or ‘Sonar’ are ‘Keyword Research’ tools. Their purpose and function is not the same as ours. These tools just provide reverse ASIN services to merely suggest probable search keywords. These tools don’t extract the exact backend ‘Search Terms’ of any ASIN. In that case you have to keep on relying on ‘trial and error’ methodology and guess-work for searchable selection of keywords. As a result, you could lose your good ranking and sales.

3) How ‘Backend Search Terms’ are beneficial to me?

  • Saves Money: No need to spend excessive money on keyword research every single month. Just follow the footsteps of your top competitors.
  • Saves Time: No need to spend time figuring out what keywords work and what doesn’t.
  • Get More Sales: You will notice a change in your organic rankings and sales within days.

4) What if there are absolutely no Backend Search Terms for the ASIN, will I get a credit for the ‘No Keyword’ case?

If the ASIN does not contain any single search term (keyword), you will get 100% credit for the same. But if there is at least one search term found for the ASIN, no credit would be given. We understand that few sellers choose to leave the Backend Search Terms empty, in that case you will get another one for free.

5) Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. You can purchase our $15 package to test the accuracy of our service with your own ASIN. If we are unable to extract your backend search terms with 100% accuracy then we will give you a full refund.

6) Can I have the API access so that Amazon sellers could extract the ‘Search Terms’ from our website on their own?

Sorry, we currently do not provide API Access.



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