What are amazon keywords or search terms?

Search Terms or Amazon keywords are used to determine relevancy of a product when a customer searches. The company recently said they limit indexing to the 250 characters for most marketplaces. These keywords have tremendous capacity of leveraging product ranking on Amazon. Figuring out what converting long tail merchant words are being searched by actual online customers and leveraging them effectively is the key to good amazon seo.


The ‘Amazon Search Terms’ are the fields located in the Keywords section in the back-end of your seller central account broken over 5 lines. The result oriented marketing keywords need to be filled-in to take maximum advantage of the facility provided by Amazon with a minimum of 200-250 characters (depending on marketplace) .

Amazon Keywords

Sellers’ General Approach (Non-Result Oriented)

Sellers either choose to brain-storm the list of back-end amazon keywords themselves by trial and error or they take the help of service providers to get the list of such keywords prepared for them and end up with a big list of  search terms which are mere suggestions and not the actual keywords used by customers or your competitors. This potentially impacted product ranking and sales.

Obtain Backend Amazon Keywords of any Listing

Obtain your top competitors’ amazon keywords and merchant words to increase the visibility of your product to more potential buyers and in turn boost your product’s keyword ranking and thereby sales.


Amazon’s top sellers use this type seo to add the most relevant and high volume backend ‘Search Terms’ for their products which enable each of their product listing to land on the first page during buyers’ searches; in turn that leads them to make thousands of sales every single day.


How about, if you could know your top competitors’ favorite backend search terms and use them for your own listings? Sounds crazy? But it is possible.


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