What are Search Terms?

‘Search Terms’ are the set of keywords, that have tremendous capacity of leveraging product ranking on Amazon. Through the embedded searchable set of ‘keywords’ product is easily found by the potential buyers on Amazon platform. Hence ‘backend keywords’ are utmost important from sellers’ point of view; but unfortunately most of the sellers are not very well acquainted about the strength of very well managed ‘Search Terms’.


‘Search Terms’ are the fields located in the Keywords section in Backend of Amazon seller account. The result oriented marketing keywords need to be filled-in to take maximum advantage of the facility provided by Amazon.

Sellers’ General Approach (Non-Result Oriented)

Sellers either choose to brain-storm the list of keywords themselves (based on their knowledge and experience in Amazon business) or take the help of service providers to get the list of such keywords prepared for them, or use the reverse ASIN tools that generate the set of keywords. In any case sellers obtain the big list of ‘backend keywords’ which are mere suggestions and not the actual ‘Search Terms’; and may not have a potential to generate expected results; such as improving the product ranking and boosting sales.

Obtain Backend Search Terms Of Any Amazon Listing

Obtain your competitors’ backend ‘Search Terms’ and increase the chances of your product be found by potential buyers and in turn boost your product’s keyword ranking.


Amazon’s top sellers use specific Backend ‘Search Terms’ for their products which enable each of their product listing to land on the first page during buyers’ searches; in turn that leads them to make thousands of sales every single day.


How about, if you could know your top competitors’ favorite backend search terms and use them for your own listings? Sounds crazy? But it is possible.


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